Welcome to Poplar Point Place a proposed development designed to make Anacostia one of the areas most livable and entertaining destinations in all of Washington, DC.  Ultimately containing 6M sf of office, residential, retail and other entertainment venues, PPP will be a new landmark in DC.  Master planned to enjoy all the benefits of a unique location situated on the Anacostia River with some of the areas best views of the US Capitol and the   Buildings have been laid out so the visitor can at all times enjoy the various views, attractions, and amenities offered at Poplar Point. 






That make a great neighborhood

A Mixed-Use Village 

We started our site plans with the goal of making a first class park maximizing the recreation of the land and water while being sensitive to the existing wetlands, wildlife, and fauna.  We then set about making a first class pedestrian neighborhood.   Next we set out to create the interest and amenities that would make the area a first class destination for locals and visitors alike.   We then shaped our buildings to create both the volume and uses that were in demand, financeable and sustainable.  Lastly we reviewed the site plan and the buildings to ensure the site lines maximized both views, open space, and sense of place.

Proposed plans by URBAN-city Ventures, LLC 

The Plaza will be the new place to hangout to meet friends, shop, live, and to enjoy the canal and the River.

Riverfront Esplanade

Customized to Your Preferences

Poplar Point can serve as a new destination for both DC residents and those from all over the Mid-Atlantic if not the world!  There is even the possibility of relocating the train under the esplanade.  Enjoy the waterfront like they do in Rome!  Dock your boat a this architectural gem of a marina while enjoying views of the City.    

Tell the City Planners and your Councilman what you think today.

View from New Jersey Ave, SE

City Site Plan 2004

AWC Waterfront Plan

Original Anacostia Riverfront BID

Public Agency lands in Red at Poplar Point

EIS Alternatives 2009


Re-aligned Howard Rd, SE

It’s All in the Details

See the Washington Monument in the distance?  In our model, Howard Rd, SE is re-aligned to be on the same axis of the Washington Monument.  The change results in marvelous vistas to the northwest towards the Mall and Downtown and creates a unique atmosphere for shopping, eating, and relaxing along the new Howard Boulevard.  This changes also greatly increases the visitors experience as to where they are in DC.

                       General Master Site Plan                                     for all of Poplar Point (Nov 07')               

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